7 Reasons to Love Australia 7 Reasons to Love Australia

7 Reasons to Love Australia

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#3 Australia is deadly

Australia has a deserved reputation as a dangerous place, filled with all kinds of rare and exotic wildlife. Truth be told, Australia is generally pretty safe as long as you keep your eyes open and don’t spend too much time out in the ocean or deep in the Outback.

Australia is home to 10¬†of the world’s 15 most poisonous snakes. They include the Inland Taipan, the world’s most venomous snake which packs enough venom in a single bite to kill 100 humans! Other deadly serpents native to Australia include the Tiger Snake and the Eastern Brown Snake.

Inland Taipan Snake

The Inland Taipan Snake is the world’s most venomous.

If spiders aren’t your thing, you may want to delay that Australian vacation. Australia is home to a disproportionate number of venomous spiders. They include the Sydney funnel-web, the Redback, and the Mouse Spider.

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